# I

It is just a normal day. An ambulance with a blinking red light ignores all the traffic lights and quickly passes through in the city center of Chicago like a flash. The destination seems far away, but you can touch it in a second.

Walking through an intensive care unit, the smell of disinfectant fluid pervades the air. A little girl is twined by bandage all over her arms. Her face is as pale as a piece of paper, so is her bed sheet. She is a 9-year-old primary school student named Nefertari. After 2 hours’ rescue, the doctor told the police that she is out of danger now but a comprehensive check is also needed when she feels better. “She is lucky to survive but also unfortunate.”

Our poor Nef opens her beautiful blue eyes tardily without any emotions in them and slowly regain consciousness. She interlaces her fingers and prays nothing bad will happen in her life anymore.

“Latest Report.” She hears something and finds that it is from the low-voice television in front her bed. “One days before, there was an accident happened in a villa of Chicago near Lunar Bay primary school. One woman died of electric shock, one girl got injured and fell in a coma.” A trace of fear crosses Nef’s blue eyes and she quickly sits up in the bed after hearing this. Brutal message fiercely hit her heart as she afraid. Tears flow down from her pure blue eyes.

# II

Nef lost her last blood relation in this world. Six years ago, her parents and she experienced an accident after she got a rabbit for her birthday. On the way back to home, the cruel car accident took away her parents lives. Before that, she was an adorable princess in her home, loved by her parents. Good times didn’t last long; she became an orphan when she was only three years old. She held her rabbit with bloodstain on it, staring at her parents’ bodies. She was squatting on the ground, screaming, and scratching her hair. There was a light flashing through her blue eyes. Tepid blood flowed under her feet and dyed her dress.

She closes her blue eyes and turns off the television. The nurse knocks the door and comes in. “Little Nefertari, did you feel better? ”

Nef trembles a little and holds her bed sheet to cover her face.

“Okay. I am sorry to hear the bad news. Just let me help you to have a dressing change.”

Nef stretches out her arms and keeps silent. Then, the nurse changes her bandage gently. That reminds her the first day her aunt Vanessa took charge of her. In her faint blue eyes, she saw the past. Vanessa liked her so much at first; she said she was willing to give all she had to make Nef happy. Vanessa did treat her thoughtfully. They spent wonderful time together to get rid of the misery.


Since Nef’s parents passed away, she became strange day by day. She held her rabbit and played with it every day, even sleep with it. She didn’t have friends and only communicated to her rabbit. The rabbit was a real cutie with snow-white fur; Nef called it Ina. It also had a pair of long ears that always listen to Nef carefully. Its red eyes would moist when Nef felt depressed. Strangely, after Ina had first taste the raspberry, it didn’t eat carrots and grass anymore. Therefore, Nef could only climbed onto the raspberry tree in the backyard to feed her rabbit every day.

Nef studied in Lunar Bay primary school which was a good place to foster elites. Nevertheless, she was a C+ student who always got lower scores than any of the other classmates. The teacher supposed that her IQ was too low to study in this school.

“Foolish girl!”

She ignored it in her poker face.

“What a silly!”

She said nothing and didn’t care it at all.

“Did you see that orphan?”

This time a flash flew through her blue eyes.

“Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) He lost his mother when he was 17 years old. But, it didn’t influence his success! He was a German who became an excellent composer and pianist in Vienna!He played a vital role in classical music and gave great contribution to the development of world music. He was the world known as the ‘Le Saint’!Maria Curie lost her mother at 10 years old. Guess what? She found radium! She became a pioneer in the area of radioactivity and won the first twice-honored Nobel laureate, and the first female professor at the Sorbonne. Orphan can also become great people, much greater than you guys who mocked at orphans!”

Nef kept a confidence smile and talked almost at a breath to fight back with logical argument. This little girl who was silent all the time shocked teachers and students. It seemed that she knew everything in heaven above and the earth underneath like a genius and had a remarkable memory.

When people went away, the light in her eyes faded and she became numb as usual. For hundreds of time, Vanessa told her to concentrate on her study instead of holding her damn rabbit all the day. But Nef let her down again and again. Her academic performance did not have any progress. She was still the C+ student. Everyone around her blamed Vanessa that she failed to educate a child.

Vanessa was furious with Nef because Nef disappointed her expectations every time. However, the teacher told Vanessa that Nef was smart sometimes. Vanessa felt unbelievable because she had never seen Nef’s cleverness.

Vanessa’s husband Lee who was an electrician also accused her that “Look what you did! You brought such an idiot to our home. What she brings us is burden, not happiness!”

The anger inside Vanessa daily increased. One day, Vanessa called Nef to enter her study.

“Dear, your teacher said that you were an intelligent girl sometimes, right? Why can’t you keep doing good job all the time? ” Vanessa asked her with her last patience.

“Oh… hmmm… what are you talking about? I…I…I…” Nef was nervous and didn’t realize what was going on. She didn’t even know she could be clever sometimes. That never happened to her.

“I knew it! The only thing you care is your damn rabbit. All I told you is in vain. What we talk today won’t have any outcome.” Vanessa was out of her temper. She slapped the door hardly.

Nef was left alone in the study.

She was confused about what Vanessa had told her.

She? Clever?

# IV

“We don’t think Nefertari is appropriate to study at our school anymore.”

This sentence kept going around and around in Vanessa’s head. She was informed that Nef was kicked out of school.

She came out of the principal’s office and clenched her fists. She determined that she must take some action at that time.

It was 4 p.m. Nef came home from school. The weather was hot and wet. She took off her rainy shoes and pack up the umbrella soon. The wind blew fiercely and trees shock strongly.

“You don’t need to go to school tomorrow. You have already been kicked out of your school.” Vanessa was washing her hands while talking to Nef indifferently. She didn’t even look up.

“Oh…okay. No problem.”

“By the way, where is my Ina? I need to feed her some raspberry now.” Nef held a basket of fresh raspberry.

“Not necessary.” Vanessa said.

“What do you mean?”

“I buried it.” She started to clean the mud in her nail.

“Pardon?” Her blue eyes went wide.

“Yeah, I buried it! You can find it in the backyard.” She looked her clean nail with satisfaction.

Nef’s mind went blank suddenly. Then, Ina’s innocent face appeared in her mind. She rushed to the backyard with her maximum speed in the rain. After a few seconds, she found some messy mud. She froze there. It must be where her Ina gone. She used her full strength to dig that hole, hoping her poor Ina was still alive. Suddenly, she touched some soft fur. That’s must be Ina!

She pulled Ina out immediately and hugged her so hard. Poor Ina, its nose and mouth were filled with mud… Its face was no longer snow-white in the rain. Nef was heartbroken. She was too desperate to stand up. She remembered the day her parents bought Ina to her. These years after her parents passed way, Ina accompanied with her as her spiritual pillar. This pair of long ears that always listen to Nef carefully was no longer there for her. Its red eyes that would moist when Nef felt depressed closed forever. She burst out crying under the raspberry tree. She missed her parents so much. She missed Ina so much… Nef was angry like the angry Hulk. Her heart became green. She began screaming and roaring at all unfairness that happened to her.

“Why… why… why…” Nef kept repeating and couldn’t accept the truth. The sky rained even harder. She heard the thunder that seemed to roar back at her. Nef slowly closed her blue eyes and fainted in the rain.

# V

“Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.”

The second day, Nef woke up on her bed. The sky has cleared up. “Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.” Nef kept murmuring.

Vanessa heard some strange sounds from upstairs. She followed the sound and opened Nef’s door.

“Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.” It was Nef right there on her bed.

“Oh, dear Nef. You fell in the rain yesterday.”


“Rabbit what? You don’t have rabbit now!”

“Rabbit yes!”

“Stop talking strange things. Quickly take on your shoes and eat breakfast downstairs.”

“Rabbit No!”

Nef looked at Vanessa with her green eyes and giggled.

“Strange girl.”

In the next 6 months, Nef barricaded herself in her room. She drew the curtain in order to stop the sunshine irradiating her room.

She enjoyed spinning insanely with wearing Alice-costumed dress. This made her feel that she was in the Wonderland. She looked at the mirror and giggled several times. “Rabbit charm!”

Sometimes, Nef made her quilt like an arch. She thought that it was a rabbit hutch. She imagined she was a rabbit and used her hands to dig the hutch. Nef could stay there with her twinkling green eyes for a whole day.

Nef even dug a rabbit hutch under the raspberry tree. Vanessa had to clean up for her after she drilled in the mud hutch that brought her more troubles.

In the past six months, Vanessa cleaned her for hundreds of time. Lee couldn’t tolerant her anymore and wanted to send her to a mental hospital. But, Vanessa insisted that Nef would be all right some time. She disagreed what Lee wanted to do and refused to do that. However, Lee still wanted to give up Nef and kept arguing with Vanessa.

A few days later, Vanessa was out for work.Nef went to the backyard and dug holes again.

When she returned to the living room, “Rabbit,Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit.” The mud on her clothes dirtied their white velvet carpet. Uncle Lee was furious and went back to his studio which contained a lot of electric tools.

When he came back, he carried a stun rod.

“You are out of your mind!”


Lee lost his patience and used the stun rod to punish Nef. “Ouch!”Nef felt painful and very scared. She escaped upstairs to her rabbit hutch and stayed there scarcely.

“Stop doing stupid things, or I will use my stun rod again!” Lee shouted at her loudly.

After that day, Nef always slipped into Lee’s studio to dig into circuit boards on his desk.

“Why are you in my studio?”

“No … nothing, sir”

“Don’t touch my things!”

Lee handily used his stun rod again to hurt Nef.

“Get out!”

Later, when Vanessa got home, she saw the wound on Nef’s arms. It was caused by the stun rod.

“How can you do that to a nine-year-old kid!”

“So what? She was so crazy as you know!

I don’t think she can get better.”

They argued a lot and broke several glasses which spooked the neighbor in the living room.

“I can’t stay with you anymore. You are a monster.” Vanessa left the house for a walk.

# VI

Pounding footsteps was ringing in the hallway. There were some rummaging sounds in the studio. A figure with strong arms that wore insulating gloves carrying a stun rod went towards the bathroom.

“Who?” Vanessa was in the bathtub.

No one answered, but the door was opened slightly.

“Oh, it’s you.”

Then, the strong arm of the figure controlled Vanessa and put the stun rod in the bathtub.

The screaming of the woman scared the neighbor.

The policeman smells the disinfectant fluid, frowns and walks into the ICU.



“I hope you are feeling better. I want to ask you some question about this case.”

“I don’t know anything. It feels like I lost my memory for six months.”

One week later, Nef opens the television.

She surprisingly finds out her uncle Lee is the murderer of the death of aunt Vanessa.

There’s thunder and lightning outside.

A green light flashes in Nef’s eyes. Meanwhile, a treacherous smile appears on her face.

“Bad rabbit!”


Nef fall in sleep that night and has a long dream. Meanwhile, three people in the hall are having a huge celebration.

“Cheers! We finally got rid of that bad person forever.” A man with wise eyes raises his glass and said to everybody.

A girl in an Alice-costumed dress jumped up, “How exciting it is! Chase, we did it. Your perfect strategy worked!” She also winked her green eyes.

“I think I am involved too? ” A middle-aged man in an engineer uniform with a wrench in his hand said, “ You couldn’t complete the revenge without me!”

“Hey, hey, hey, calm down! We all contribute to it.” Chase patted him on the shoulder.

At the same time, Nef came downstairs and felt doubtful about the celebration. She only knows Chase here. She dreamed Chase at night in the past six years.

“Chase, who are they?” Nef said, all wonders in her blue eyes.

“Hey, Nef! You finally came out! Let me introduce our new residents. It’s a long story.”

“Six years ago, your parents passed away. You were crying on the roadside, crazy about it. Then, I appeared. You were too young to recognize my existence. When people laughed at your parents, I would come out and bring the fair back. This is the reason why you would become extremely smart sometimes. Remember, I am a genius!” Chase said it with a charming smile.

Then, Chase pointed the Green-eye girl in strange costumes beside her and said, “Here is Ida who split from you in the rain and controlled your body after your lovely rabbit Ina died. You were so melancholy that time. Then, you locked yourself on your own floor and never came downstairs for the past six months. Talking about Ida, in fact, she has Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. In her imaging wonderland, everyone is kind and friendly with nature. In the real world, what she sees are all twisty and dark. The only world she said was ‘Rabbit’ in the real world. When she controlled you in the daytime, she was tired of everything in the real world. People are cruel and unbelievable. So, she just wanted revenge for Ina. Six month ago, Ida came to see me. Her head dropped to table and her shoulders shook as she sobbed and sobbed. She was crying so hard.

‘They killed my rabbit! That was my favorite rabbit. I must revenge.’

‘Ida, I understand you very much. That was a real cutie. But, for now, I can’t figure out a perfect plan for revenge.’ I said.”

Day by day, your uncle Lee could not tolerant Ida’s strange character anymore. One day, he used his stun rod to hurt Ida when Vanessa was away. This led to the next story.”

Ida was stimulated after being hurt by Lee’s stun rod. At that time, another personality Todd was split from Nef and controlled her body instead of Ida. He is a 30-year-old electrician. He’s just like Lee who excels at electricity knowledge and is crazy about it. One day, when Todd slipped into Lee’s studio and dig into circuit boards, Lee was very angry with that. He used the stun rod to hurt Todd and alarmed him unkindly. Looking at the scar on his body, Todd wanted to kill Lee.


Since then, Chase, Ida, and Todd had a round-table conference in the ground floor when Nef fell in sleep every night.

Todd couldn’t calm down for a long time, “That jerk! How dare he was! I really want to kill him.”

Ida fell into sadness again. Tears fell down from those green eyes. “I want to kill Vanessa. She killed my rabbit.”

The conference fell into silence. Everyone was indignant.

Shortly afterwards, Chase snapped his finger and felt excited with his wise eyes.

“I have a great idea to cheer you up.” Chase said with his charming smile.

“What have you got?” Both Ida and Todd looked at Chase simultaneously with full of expectation.

“Next month, Lee will leave home for 2 hours on Friday. Vanessa was alone at home. She usually takes a bath at that period. Todd, you should put on the insulating gloves and put a stun rod in the bath water. The fingerprints on the stun rod would only be Lee’s. Before you fake to be insensible, you should bring the insulating gloves back to Lee’s studio quickly. The police won’t doubt at Nef at all because a nine-year-old girl won’t have the ability to control an adult and kill her with a stun rod. Besides, Lee and Vanessa had a big argument recently. Also, the stun rod belonged to Lee. He is highly suspected and the neighbors will accuse him. Then, Lee will definitely sentenced to death. It’s a good chance to kill two birds with one stone.”

“Perfect plan!” Ida snickered and clapped her hands excitedly.

“I will handle it! Using stun rod is easy to me.” Todd said confidently.

One week ago, Todd controlled Nef’s body and acted to kill Vanessa. Everything went as expected and designed to fulfill the plan.

# IX

Nef wakes up from the nightmare. She is so surprised about what she has dreamed. News comes from the low-voiced television

“Latest report—- the murderer of the electricity accident came out after the police’s rigorous investigation. The police found the fingerprints on the stun rod that killed the woman are belonged to the woman’s husband Lee. He is sentenced to death.”

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